"How Anyone Wanting To work From Home With A Minimum of 30 Minutes A Day Can Set Up Their Own Online Business"
"FREE Email List Building MarketingTraining & Where To Buy 
The Best Soloads Online That Convert Into Quality Leads"
  • Easy to follow step by step FREE email marketing video tutorial 
  •  Explains the tools that are required
  •  Copywriting tutorial guide
  •  Where to buy the best traffic for your offer
  •  Opportunity to use the tutorial as a FREE lead magnet
  •  Earn commissions whilst you learn (optional)
  •  Offer to upgrade to advanced level and coaching
  •  Minimum of 30 minutes a day is required to work from home
  •  Stay in contact with the creator and tutor Wayne
  •  Up to date strategies 
  •  Keeps it real so anyone can copy what he does 
  •  Entry to Wayne's closed Facebook group
  •  Up to date FREE podcast and video training
  •  Guest speakers
  •   Very friendly and helpful Facebook community
  •  Set up and go with real results 
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